School programs

Small Enterprise Entrepreneurship &Development [SEE&DO] Program

Module 1 Know Your Self [KYS]


Aptitude testing, Talent & Interest Analysis Personal Discipline
Identifying Opportunities Personal Confidence
Dreams/Personal Vision Personal Finances
Business vision Personal Actions to turn Dreams to Reality
Personal strengths & Weaknesses Being the Leader


Module 2 Know Your Market [KYM]


Economy & Politics Networking
Market structure & Economics Marketing skills
Consumer & Value Analysis Marketing processes
Personal Branding


Module 3 Know Your Business [KYB]


Business Model Analysis Human Resource Practices [Being the Partner, the Employer, the Trainer]
Business Planning, Structure & Starting/Up-scaling Inventory Management & Loss control
Book-keeping & Accounting Portfolio/Empire-building
Financial Management Valuating the Business


Module 4 Know Your Money [KY$]


How to use & invest business Money How to use & invest personal money


Module 5 Know Your Retirement [KYR]


Succession planning Retiring
Transitioning Retirement Income
Selling the Business Retirement Investments
Buying a Business